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Are your affairs in order?

Posted by Ian Campbell on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Estate planning is the process of establishing, managing and reviewing your ongoing personal affairs to ensure your assets are dealt with as you would like, and avoiding unplanned consequences on your death or when you are unable to look after your own affairs.

This process includes a range of legal and financial considerations and goes beyond having a legal will - it includes planning the most effective way to arrange your assets to having a simple strategy documented for your next of kin.

We expect that you financially protect (insure) your home, contents, car and income earning capacity while you are alive. Why wouldn’t you provide yourself peace of mind knowing the same assets continue to be protected as you wish when you are unable to do so?

Some key aspects you can start thinking about today to make it easier for you and others to legally carry out your wishes in an orderly manner are to:

ü  Make/update your Will using a legal practitioner

ü  Inform your family of your Will and its location

ü  Establish Enduring Powers of Attorney while you are able to do so

ü  Consider pre- arranging your funeral requirements

ü  Prepare a summary of your financial affairs including a list of important documents and where they are kept

ü  Increase your awareness of what may be involved in dealing with a deceased person’s estate.

ü  Ensure you have trusted advisors in place e.g. Lawyer, Accountant.

ü  Establish an effective estate plan

If you do not have the legal documentation mentioned above or you would like further information based on your personal circumstances, please call David Smarrelli on 98946888 who will be pleased to assist you.

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