Lawcorp Lawyers has the brochures listed below along with many information sheets on legal issues and services available, any of which can be requested free of charge via email or direct contact with our office:


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  • What you should know about your Will and your estate.
  • Are Your Affairs in order?
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Information about Testamentary Trusts.
  • What type of will should you have?
  • Superannuation and your Will.
  • Can your Will and Estate be challenged?
  • Common questions asked about Wills.
  • What happens when a love one passes?
  • The Role of an executor.
  • Common questions asked about being and executor.
  • Wills for Sole Director Companies/shareholders.
  • Types of Power of Attorneys.
  • Common questions asked about Powers of Attorney.
  • Understanding an Enduring Power of attorney.
  • The Role of an Attorney.
  • Your legal rights as a consumer.
  • Your basic rights when dealing with the police.
  • Trustee responsibilities.
  • Dispute Resolution.
  • Litigation.
  • What type of relationship are you in?

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